Bubble Tubing®

Bubble Tubing® is a proprietary Canadian-made, lead-free, self-sinking, flexible, fine-bubble diffuser tubing available in 1/2”and 3/4” airline sizes. Bubble Tubing® can be used for commercial applications including wastewater and aquaculture. The unique tubing is also used for aerating ponds, water-gardens, long narrow waterways (channels). The 1/2” Bubble Tubing® can be run in continuous lengths of 200 feet – and is very easy to install.

Bubble Tubin

This self-sinking tubing has two rows of tiny holes 1/2” apart along the entire length of the tubing and when air from the compressor fills the tubing the holes open and release tiny air bubbles into the water. As these bubbles rise together they create a moving water column with a vacuum effect that pulls water from lower depths towards the surface. It contains no lead or dangerous heavy metals.

1/2” Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing®


0.575” ID x 0.7 OD Black PVC tubing perforated with 2 rows of bubble holes at 180 degrees spaced every 0.5“


0.97” OD Black PVC Rod

Operating Pressure

20 psi min - 50 psi max

Recommended Air Flow Volume Per Foot
  • Aeration: 0.05-0.1 CFM / FT
  • De-Icing: 0.1-0.17 CFM / FT
Bubble Tubing
Bubble Tubing

Self-sinking & Kink-free air feeder hose for use with Bubble Tubing®

Self-weighted tubing sinks to the bottom on its own -- so you don’t need to tie bricks or weights to make the tubing sink -- like standard PVC tubing which floats when filled with air.

The tubing is constructed of a high-density flexible PVC composite. This allows it to be installed easily and an excellent choice for aeration systems.

The self-weighted tubing rests on the bottom out of sight and out of the way of swimmers and boats. It’s black color makes it invisible from the surface – leaving your water looking natural.

Typical Application Scenario - Aeration and Circulation

Linear Aeration is a fairly recent term used to define aeration with long lengths of diffuser tubing. The principal function of the diffuser tubing or Bubble Tubing® is to aerate by adding dissolved oxygen into the water and to create circulation.

Ecological sludge removal by diffused linear aeration is a cutting-edge technique for reducing large volumes of nutrient rich, organic sediment from ponds and lakes.

Bubble Tubing® can also be installed in large shallow wastewater treatment basins and aquaculture aeration applications.

Bubble Tubing® can be used as a replacement with traditional aeration diffuser systems -- like membrane discs and air-stones. Bubble Tubing® is the easiest and least expensive way to maintain highly efficient linear aeration.

Bubble Curtain
Bubble Tubing

Typical Application Scenario - De-icing of Docks & Water Structures

For de-icing – one or several lengths of Bubble Tubing® is placed under or around the dock to circulate the deeper warmer water. This circulation provides and open area free of ice which prevents ice expansion damage to docks, boat slips, etc.

Open areas in the ice also promotes winter oxygen diffusion and a means for harmful gas to escape. The oxygen depletion and harmful gas is caused by decomposing leaves, dead algae, fish waste, etc.. This combination can become a lethal – resulting in winter fish kills.

Keeping areas of water open attracts waterfowl and other winter wildlife.

Additional Application Scenarios

  • Wastewater basins, composting and storm-water retention ponds can achieve highly efficient aeration and circulation using Bubble Tubing®. Tubing can be installed directly in to the basin or attached to grids to allow quick removal when required.
  • Combining linear aeration with floating islands is a recipe for a healthy pond!
  • Bubble curtains can be effective in deflecting floating aquatic debris.
Bubble Tubing

Why Linear Aeration with Bubble Tubing® Works

Bubble Tubing® set in the bottom of a shallow canal will mix water with more efficiency because the tiny diffuser holes on the tubing, spaced 4 per inch, are spread out over a larger area than when using a single disc or discs. Running a single line or multiple lines of tubing allows for greater dispersion of bubbles throughout the canal and enables a larger area to be treated with beneficial circulation and oxygenation.

Using Bubble Tubing® is easier than discs or air-stones because it is self sinking and flexible so there are no weights to attach, bases to fill, or plumbing parts to break. Simply uncoil it from the back of your boat without the need for weights or heavy bases full of gravel.

Rising bubbles from the Bubble Tubing® are gentler than the frothing splash of discs or air-stones and because the Bubble Tubing® can run in long lengths it can get quality aeration into vast areas.

Homogeneous bubble movement along the Bubble Tubing® line(s) ensures an even mixing and gentle circulation action. The canal surface remains calmer and the mixing and circulation is more efficient and extensive.

Why Diffuser Discs & Air-stones Don’t Work in Shallow Ponds or Canals

Using traditional forms of diffuser discs in shallow canals can be less efficient as the rising bubbles are so closely concentrated that there is little rising lifting action that can occur before they splash at the surface. The aeration is less effective and the surface of the water is in a constant state of aggressive agitation.

At greater depths the disc or air-stone type diffuser is highly effective but in shallow waters the resulting circulation is overly concentrated and does not positively impact the entire body of water to the extent of linear aeration using Bubble Tubing® , beyond creating waves and frothing water. Plus, many discs are often needed to effectively aerate shallow areas adding to expense and tubing runs.

In shallow canals, diffuser discs or multiple disc assemblies create minimal overall circulation because the bubbles are concentrated in a small area. Bubble Tubing® changes all that!

Concentrated rising bubbles from disc diffusers cause localized frothing over the discs yet leave other areas stagnant, un-aerated and non-mixed.

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